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The legend of the scale

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As he found in the business, the people in the market to buy and sell things, are estimated by pile eyes, very difficult to achieve even bargain, was to create a tool for the idea of determination of the weight of the goods. One day, on the way home his business, accidentally saw a farmer drawing water from the well, very clever: on the edge of the well erect a high stakes, and then a bar at the stake at the top; a bar head hanging barrel, another head of stone, the other on, portable. A fan inspired, hurried home to imitate it: he used a thin and straight stick, drill a hole, and the hole tied rope, hand weigh; fasten small hanging plate, used for holding goods, a head of a pebble as pebbles move to mound; the farther away from the rope, can lift the goods more. So he thought: a head hanging many goods, another head of pebbles to move far to keep balance, must carve it on a marker in. But what to do with mark? Li struggled for a few months, still miss the point. One night, he went out to urinate, looked up and saw the stars, he whim, decided to be labeled with the "six star and the Big Dipper, on behalf of a one or two, thirteen stars on behalf of a pound. Since then, the market has a unified measurement tool - scale.
However, for a long time, she also found that some unscrupulous businessmen, sell Quejinshaoliang, deduction of the people. He thought, how to improve the scale, eliminate the evil profiteers? Finally, he came up with a modified white woodcut Black Star mahogany inlaid metal star, and in addition to the "six star and the Big Dipper, plus Fu, Lu, Shou Samsung, sixteen to two for a pound. In order to peer warned: as a businessman, must not make dirty money to work in just ways. And said: "if one of one or two business, it will lose the good fortune and happiness; one is 22, posterity will never get" salary "(do not official); 32 others, will wreck" no "(short-lived)!"
In this way, scales have been handed down from generation to generation, and have been followed for more than two thousand years, until today.
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